[extra]ordinary wives

I have had so many blogs that I honestly cannot remember the names of all of them.  I have tried so many things and so many different categories / genres, that I’ve honestly started thinking that this was probably just not for me… (which is obviously ridiculous since I am a writer to the very core of me!)

So, tonight while I was ironing my husband’s shirts (why does that always happen at 23h00 at night?) it just suddenly struck me…my life is a multitude of dimensions!  There has NEVER been just one side to me, so why on earth have I been trying to make my blogs one-sided?  Could this really have taken me 10 years to figure out?  In the blink of an eye I realised that this was my blog…filled with so many “extras”, it just absolutely had to be the blog for [extra]ordinary wives.

May you discover one truth about yourself while doing the ordinary, mundane tasks of every day.


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