Wonderful moments, wonderful day

In every day there is something that is wonderful.  One moment that you can treasure and hold on to.  Sometimes there are more of these wonderful moments and sometimes, it can be a whole day.  Today is such a day.

The morning starts perfectly.  Snooze until 8:30, get up, get a cup of coffee and just sit and stare through the window as the rain waters the garden.  It’s a pajama type of day.  Thoughtful, intrinsic and calm.  The world seems full of endless possibilities and as you ponder on all of these, there seems to be a calmness that washes over your soul and rejuvenates your spirit.  Is it possible that all of this can happen while you stare out through the window, drowned in the softness of the rain that cleanses you?


Next, you take that book that you’ve so longed to finish, curl up on the couch, and just read.  [Another cup of coffee at your side]  Not worrying about lunch, you just finish the chocolate that’s been lying in the kitchen cupboard for so long 🙂  Having a glass of water with it, washes away the guilt.  And then, get up and take an afternoon nap, preferably while the kids also lie down for theirs – forget about the washing that needs to be folded and the dishes that STILL haven’t been washed.  Today is a wonderful kind of day, and you deserve to enjoy it.

Evening approaches and you start to worry about the dinner that you haven’t prepared.  Don’t.  Just order take-out.  You’re not a bad mom, you just took the day.  Your kids will love it and your husband will understand.  Enjoy it.  Pour a glass of wine and watch tv after dinner.  When the kids are in bed you sit down to finish that book [while sipping on another glass of wine].  As your eyes get droopy and you have to read the same sentence three times over for it to make sense, get up and get into bed.  Don’t worry about washing your face or taking a shower…you’re already in your pajamas.

Tomorrow will be a normal type of day, but today, today was one wonderful moment of calm, peaceful rest.

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