10 Lies we believe about a healthy marriage

Marriage has to be based on some very specific ideas in order to be fun, entertaining and everlasting. A healthy marriage has a multitude of components to it, which we all seem to fail at…

I have been married for almost seven years now, and throughout this time there seems to be a number of things I simply just fail at.  In my process to discover what the concept of a healthy marriage is really all about, I decided to ask some questions and see what other wives thought about it.  So, after a general survey done on the topic of a “healthy marriage”, these are some of the lies I found people believed:

  1. A healthy marriage is based on a lot of sex.
  2. It is directly related to the income you make as a couple.
  3. You have to be happy all the time.
  4. You have to find “The Perfect One“.
  5. You never fight.
  6. You can continue to lead separate lives.
  7. You have to do everything together.
  8. It’s your spouse’s responsibility to make you happy.
  9. You need things from outside your marriage to keep it going.
  10. You have to live together before marriage to see if you are compatible.

It is so easy to believe these lies about marriage, because ultimately we need to be happy.  Honestly, if you read through this list, you probably wouldn’t think that any of it was a lie – that’s what everyone else is basing their marriage on.  However, there is so much more to what truly makes for a healthy marriage and I would love to unpack this topic with you.

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Enjoy!  Hope to hear from you 🙂


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