Why was I created?

Finding out what we were created for, probably remains one of the most haunting questions we face (along with the question “Who am I?”).  Just when you think you’ve figured it out, it seems to change and the essence of what you were created for, evades you.  Along with this frustration, every phase of life is different and thus the answer to this ever important question constantly seems to change.  So often I’ve wished, and I’ll be honest, and prayed for just ONE purpose or calling that I could pursue.  Obviously, that is not how it was designed to be.

Calling and Purpose

I love this quote by Mandy Hale:

“Life isn’t meant to be lived perfectly…but merely to be LIVED. Boldly, wildly, beautifully, uncertainly, imperfectly, magically LIVED.” 

Some people seem destined for greatness and as if their path ahead has been so clearly set out before them.  As a creative, there seems to be endless possibilities of pathways that can be pursued.  The question thus remains:  How is it ever possible to fine-tune calling and purpose down to just ONE thing?

There has been so many teachings on finding your calling and / or purpose, many of which I have also attended.  There are all kinds of teachings on how to find your purpose through understanding who you are and your own strengths and weaknesses.  And, though many of these really do contribute to the journey, it is still not efficient.


The truth about calling and purpose is that we were created to be loved.

That’s it.  You were made to be loved.  That’s your purpose.  To be loved by the Creator of heaven and earth.

The first time this truth really sank in was when I was watching the movie The Shack.  It wasn’t one specific scene that jumped out at me with this truth, but rather an underlying message which was conveyed throughout the entire film.

When you operate out of this knowledge, that being created to be loved is your sole purpose, the burden becomes much lighter.  This whole statement flips the concept of purpose completely on its head.  Realizing the intensity of the truth that you do not have to do anything to find your purpose, but that simply by being you, you are already living in that purpose, still blows my mind.  It implies that you don’t have to:

  • force anything into being;
  • chase specific goals;
  • work at making purpose happen.

All you have to do is to live and breathe and function out of the knowledge of being loved.


However, what is the effect of living with the knowledge that the main reason you were created, was to be loved?  In short:

  • It takes away the pressure to live with a constant drive to perform.
  • It takes away the pressure of having to achieve goals set by others.

When you realize that you were meant to be loved, that that is the sole reason why you were created, it opens a unique ability to just love others.  Not because you are a saint but simply because you understand that you are so deeply loved.  When you really internalize this truth, you are able to operate out of a place of being loved, and completely accepted, just as you are.  You no longer have to work to be loved or accepted.  You already are.

And the effect of this truth is that you are able to truly accept others just as they are.  An acceptance without expecting them to perform or work for your approval.  You are able to look at others through a lens of love.  And let me tell you, you will be amazed at how the colours of your world literally change as you look at people through this perspective.  Things literally become clearer and it is as if the atmosphere around everything is illuminated.

How do I love others?

It has to start with you.  Loving others is not something that happens naturally.  There are a couple of mindsets that you have to change.

  • You have to fully accept the truth of being loved.
  • Stop working for approval.
  • Stop chasing other people’s dreams because it seems like it is working.
  • Stop trying to be like others.
  • Live in the freedom of being loved, just as you already are.

What next?

Nevertheless, even though you have accepted this truth, it still begs the question of what you are suppose to do?  You can’t simply live with the knowledge of being loved, and then eventually die.  Even though there probably are people who live with this mindset.  But, here’s the thing:  once you realize this truth of being loved and you start living in it, you cannot but help to love other people.  And, as soon as people are involved, and you start loving them, you will be moved into action.  So, how does this play out in reality?

This is where unique personality and gifting comes in.  You have to start paying attention to the things you love to do; things which comes naturally to you; things that you love to pursue.  And then?  Do these things while you are loving other people.  Accordingly, the outflow of your calling and purpose (of being loved) is not a fixed mark, but rather a rhythm of a multitude of things along which you move through life.

If you are anything like me, the things that you love to do and the dreams that you have, will change and evolve as the seasons of your life change and evolve.  This “inconsistency” should be embraced and should not be something that scares or confuse you.  Change is something very natural and too often people try to avoid it.  It is inevitable to change and grow as you learn new things.  And, I believe that the things we should do and pursue will also change and develop into something more.

Consequently, what we have to offer and contribute to the world around us, changes over time.  We cannot hide away from that fact.  We should truly embrace what we are learning, so that we can love those truths unto others.  That’s why I think that our calling or purpose (as traditionally understood) cannot be just one thing.  It grows and changes as we grow and change…with the core purpose being ever fixed –

love out of the truth that you were created to be loved

Therefore, embrace the change and whatever comes across your path, live in it, in that moment and in that season with the knowledge that you were created – through it all – to be loved.

The freedom of this knowledge should also inspire you to pursue new passions.  But, that’s a post for another day.

I would love to hear about your understanding and journey with regards to calling and purpose.  Please leave a comment below.

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1 thought on “Why was I created?

  1. Love this! To be loved by God…that’s why we were created.♥️

    I also believe that out of that overflow of that love, we serve others to show Christ’s love for humanity as well. Didn’t the apostle John say “Love one another” over and over again?

    Great article and great food for thought, Anel.

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