08 May 2020

What a day. So full, I can hardly remember anything I did or said. The only thing that is vividly clear is that I sat in front of this screen for almost six to seven hours. Working.

Assignment is done. My brain feels fried. I had soup for dinner. I love my kids. I have such a great husband helping out with the kids and the household when I’m totally flooded with work.

But, it is Friday. I can relax a little bit tomorrow, and sneak in work sessions when my kids are watching TV. (Too much of that this week!)

This week was really, really full. And, it’s not over yet. I still have a lot of preparations that need to be completed for Monday’s schedule. So many ideas, and so much work to pull it off successfully. However, I’m so grateful for the opportunity to try and encourage young minds to explore the possibility of a hopeful future. To teach and to mould. To uplift and to challenge.

And then, there are also my two toddlers. I love to see how they discover the world. I love to rediscover the simple joys of life and to celebrate it to the fullest. What a privileged honour.


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