5 June 2020

What an interesting month this has been. Back to work, and working from home, at the same time, has set up a new pace. A new pace that is great, in the beginning, but, it is starting to take its toll.

People are overloaded, emotionally, spiritually, physically and mentally. And, although this is quickly becoming the way that we need to work, I am not sure how to adapt to this pace – in a healthy way.

We still need to ensure that we are taking care of ourselves, our families and all our loved ones. That means, you need to sleep enough, eat enough (and not too much), and have some down-time. I think that this is probably the hardest part of this new way of working and living – to learn how to switch off and take down-time for yourself.

This does not include the time you spend with your kids or your husband, this is time – just for you. I need to rethink this work-life schedule…


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