It’s 2021!

No one really prepares you to not be prepared. Even as I say that, the concept sounds warped. Honestly, I really hoped for a much more “normal” start to the year. Instead, it was the exact opposite.

Because my parents live in Namibia, we try to visit them at least once a year. Normally, this would be a 10 to 14 day stay during December. However, this year there was no way that, that would be possible. The international borders were still open, but there was no clarity or guarantee that it would remain open. Plus, with all the additional costs of getting COVID tests, it just didn’t seem worth the risk. So, we stayed.

We decided to take a longer holiday at a family home, in a small coastal town, about 4 hours drive away from our home. It was really the best decision. Until…

Just before New Years, new COVID safety regulations were announced. No more visits to the beaches, rivers, lakes, parks. Curfew extended from 21h00 to 06h00. We were stuck inside.

On New Year’s eve, it was abnormally quiet. No fireworks, no celebrations, no family or friends to greet the beginning of a new year. It just quietly crept up on us. Ushering us into the presence of silence, more restrictions, more sickness, more uncertainty.

Whereas my hopes were high to celebrate the dawn of a new chance at normalcy, it was crushed by silence.

New rules and regulations have been announced again, since I’ve started writing this post. So, there seems to be no signs of returning to “normal”, any time soon.

What we need now, more than ever, is to adapt our mindsets, our way of thinking, our way of being (and finding) positivity.

May this year surprise you with its unpredictability…


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